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Calan's Eden

by L. G.Cullens

© 2013, 2014, 2015 by L.G. Cullens, all rights reserved

Post updated Mar. 4th, 2016

An engrossing and thought provoking collection of connected sketches exploring facets of a life path attuning to natural world harmonies and respect for all beings, within which conflicting character perspectives shed light on the subjectiveness of our physical existence.

The journey begins at the end, then follows a progression of milestones in arriving again with new understanding, itself an analogy of Mother Nature's cycle of life renewal. 

Following are the book cover, TOC, some excerpts, and ordering status. The book is coming of age literary eco-fiction and is delivered in ePub format.


Table of Contents

Title Page
 1. Garden Life
 2. A Full Day
 3. Rodeo Misadventure
 4. Fishing Wisdoms
 5. Storm Clouds
 6. Lightning Strike
 7. Homecoming
 8. Mojave Interlude
 9. Beantown Wildlife
10. Home On The Range
11. Business As Usual
12. The Visit
13. The Owl and the Eagle
14. Connections
Author Bio



Excerpt from sketch two "A Full Day"


He'd almost wet his pants escaping the bunkhouse, and needed to relieve himself quickly. Finding his way to the outhouse was no breeze though. What little night vision he had was diminished by a stirring wind tousling his wispy, wheat colored hair into his eyes. Unable to hold back any longer he halted. 

Seemingly alone on the western edge of what's known as the Wyoming Basin, in the enveloping blackness of a clear moonless night such as this, Calan had a sensation of floating amongst infinite celestial hosts. Yet there was a mixed sense of tension in the grounding awareness of higher peaks' stark silhouettes; the bitter smell of sagebrush; and night sounds of a coyote's plaintive call and the distinctive territorial "ho-hoo hoo hoo" of a Great Horned Owl. 

Shifting his thoughts he talked to the dog, "Us bein' part'a Mother Nature, it's a flip of the coin some people'll betray the fearful side. Other-side up though, Aunty May and Uncle Euan are dependable, down-to-earth folk, tryin' to grind by on a ranch more sagebrush and alkali than lush grazing grass. So bare to nature, they're caring an' fair, makin' plain why they bristle like porcupines at boneheaded bungles." After a pause to zip up, adding, "Ya gotta admit it's a fair share better'n town life, with its put-on wonders an' raft'a weaselly ways." 

Moving on, skirting the woodpile in route, at the ranch house he paused in the doorway striking a match to find and light the kitchen oil lantern. Shaking the ash grate of the cast iron cook stove he heard Aunty May stir, telling Uncle Euan, "Time to wake auld man." Hurriedly starting a warmup fire, as it caught hold he carried buckets of water from the kitchen sink hand pump to the stove cistern for heating. 

Outside again to fetch more split wood for the indoor bin, with darkness giving way to predawn light he noticed some small, furry critters scurrying from the disturbed wood pile. "Nothin' to get worked up about," he reassured himself, but suddenly, the eerie sight of a large owl's silent swoop snatching one up like a spirit, followed by the trailing off death squeal of the critter, startled him to drop the wood he cradled. On edge, he jerked around when from behind Uncle Euan teasingly said, "That ol' owl almost gotcha huh." Life could be wearing, but at his age was seldom boring, as day to day life in these remote parts was peppered with Mother Nature's wonder and peril. 


In one of the later sketches this poem is included. 

With every awakening come nigh on first light, 
I sense the breath of a canine presence quite near. 
An intent wolflike creature, eagerness bound tight, 
quietly willing sleepy eyes to render clear. 

One eye opens and he begins a faint quiver. 
The other eye and his forepaws hammer the bed. 
A reckoning force seven hands at the shoulder, 
almost nine stone of lean muscle and bone well spread. 

No luxury family dog rearing had he, 
from kennel stock a working dog bred-in-the-bone. 
Enlivened now in a more natural world free, 
appreciation patent in loyalty shown. 

So full of life, barely contained in the creature, 
strong as a lion, having a heart of pure gold. 
Fervent in each new day's unfolding adventure, 
how much we'd benefit if we'd truly behold. 

Seeing nature's magic reflecting in his eyes, 
my rapture and angst in our transient existence 
gives me determination each day to arise. 
An awesome life force grounding me in life's essence. 

He and I explore life's paths, each day beckoning 
with shared wonder in Mother Nature's symphony. 
Each step treasured in experiencing being, 
only time will tell how long we share this journey. 


End of excerpts.
(more short excerpts on Facebook Writer page)


This book was published Dec. 30, 2015 for prerelease ordering and was released Jan. 15, 2016. You may search for it at your favorite ebook store now with the following:

ISBN 9781311100580
Title: Calan's Eden
Author: L. G. Cullens

If you don't find it at your favorite ebook store, there's a list below of where I've found it.

There is also an author interview up here.

If any blog owners or other book review sites would be willing to review the book, please contact me for a copy. Of course, anyone that reads the book is encouraged to write a review (good or bad) of the book on their ebook store's site.

I hope the book is a pleasurable and enlightening experience.


As of Jan. 20, 2016 the book is listed in the following retail outlets. Please let me know if you find it at any others so I can update this list. 

Apple iTunes Book Page

Barnes&Noble Book Page

BOL.com Book Page


Fnac Book Page

Indigo Books & Music Inc. Book Page

Kobo Book Page

National Book Store Book Page

OverDrive (library distribution listing)

Scribd Book Page

Smashwords Book Page



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