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Discordant Voices by L. G. Cullens


                  Discordant Voices
                    by L. G. Cullens

As evenfall descends and shadows grow long, 
sunset is reflected on a mirrored lake 
where waterbirds glide with ballerina grace, 
and the shore is alive with wood thrush song. 

                            As evenfall descends on the vale of trial
                            the lake reeds sway in a breeze of change,  
                            and a loon's eerie tremolo cry is heard 
                            resonating like a banshee's dire wail. 

Above an osprey soars beckoning the spirit
to behold natural wonders from winged eye.
An intent masked raptor silently patrolling,
this Pandion fisher's precision exquisite. 

                            Above an osprey soars stirring Nature to weep,
                            its wretched cheereek cheereek inconsolable.
                            A clutch of broken egg shells stark testimony
                            to ourkind's tragic legacy of poisoned deceit.

Beyond bison calmly pasture on the prairie
evoking a sense of rightness with the world.
Old-world beasts picturesque in their habitat,
speak to our caring for life's bountiful glory.

                            Beyond is gone bison's once thundering journey, 
                            scores of millions slaughtered in base greed.
                            So too the prairie plowed under for our crops,
                            an agrochemical habitat of biodiverse absurdity.

Distant mountains striking and stalwart
define our horizons and feeling of place.
Ice caped altars reaching heavenward
cradling life's concert in their bulwark.

                            Distant mountains with nagging ice cap melt,
                            diminishing the elusive wolverine's habitat,
                            while waxing seas for waning marine life,
                            spun by deniers as a climate change dealt.

Continents apart the trumpet of an elephant.
A matriarch signaling all beware her wrath,
should any being harbor harm to her family.
Nature's resonance in its clarity eloquent.

                            Continents apart a lone elephant seeks solace,
                            grieving mightily at the degree of atrocity
                            in coming upon a bleached boneyard sans ivory.
                            How long will Nature condone our skewed bias?

The birds, bees, and blossoms aplenty a wonder,
adding boundless beauty and bounty to our lives.
Nature's canvas a mosaic of unlimited potential,
with bustle of life hastening hither and yonder.

                            The birds, bees, and blossoms declining a grief,
                            swept up naïve victims of agribusiness cleansing.
                            A vibrancy our descendants may never appreciate,
                            given control of nature is a self-serving belief.

              Where the twain shall meet is our destiny,
              somewhere between harmony and attrition.
              Could it be our course unseen is reason,
              that may burgeon forth in our progeny?  


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